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Our first online course will teach you all about scissors and how to use them effectively to create smooth shapes and precision finishes on all of your grooms. Once you have mastered those you'll be ready to learn how to style. Enrol NOW ready to be the first to succeed when we open.

OCN NI Level 3 Accreditation

Scissor Skills for Dog Grooming

Scissor control and dexterity are essential skills needed to create the precision finish and bold, curved shapes in many grooming styles. Learn this through video instruction with Pammie in the first-ever accredited Scissor Skills course
Pammie showing reverse scissoring

Who is this course for?

No matter where you are on your grooming journey - this course is for you. Gain a comprehensive knowledge of metals, blades, edges, uses, types, styles, care, and techniques. Even seasoned professionals can gain depth and breadth to hone their scissor skills even further.

Pammie Carmichael-Hogg

Renown for creating Asian Fusion Grooming and expanding its appeal throughout the UK and Internationally, Pammie will be your instructor for your online learning journey.